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The Goon
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The Goon I'm a little confused about the band name. Is it a sexual innuendo or a reference to enjoying veggies at their best? Anyway, this reminds me of the metal influenced H.C. from the late 80's and early 90's. Has a great old school feel and energy without being too negative.
Kaja M
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Kaja M ppč ako vždy Favorite track: CCTV.
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Kubicek75 It's one of the best current bands in the Czech hc scene. Check 'em out,
this record deserves your attention. Favorite track: Mistakes (Don't repeat).
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released October 6, 2014

Thanks to Outcasst crew, Slayerized, Pali Cinka, Slash Bar ,hidden planet studio and all the promoters and friends that supported us.



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EAT ME FRESH Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic

We are a hardcore band from Czech Republic established in 2010. Fighting against sexism,racism, speciesism, fascism...

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Track Name: Money $ Talk
I was talking about my past
but now i dont care 'cause i'm growing up fast
now i'm talking about my life
this is the future how to survive
to be happy not to dive, in the bills
i'm used to pay ,fuck that this is my way
i dont care about the system, that everybody lives in this time

im not the only one
that is not owed by anyone
cant you see?
its not only me

im gonna be free from today
'cause im living my dream
without paying any school that they say i need
fuck this it will be how it should be
im the part of this youth call it as you want
or as i do, from now or then to survive this is the anarchy in your town
Track Name: TRUE LOVE
What do you do
Is it really what you want to do
Cause i really like you
If this fake or is this true
I'll never be like you

To stab you a knife
In your back when you're alive
If this is really what you do
Then this is just what you do to you
What do you want to be
When you do this to me
Track Name: Mistakes (Don't repeat)
you gave me your heart you told me to go so i took my stuff and made it slow,
so you could change your mind but you told me to go so i left cause I've been fighting too long.

you were just on another place
it was like an empty open case
it was like they steal your mind
but i felt like you were too kind

when i realised how i acted
then I've gone and tried to forget
so i did and will never make that happen again
Track Name: T.O.F.U.
i see the eyes and try to realise
what you see 'cause i see just tears and fear
of the death they face all the time
from the birth they survive
and they don't see the life like u
just because of your appetite its u
that is the reason why they must die
just because you cant stop your lust
on the things you actually don't need

there is a fight we have to finish
we are the unit of the outstanding fight
t o f u
Track Name: CCTV
the rats are coming after you,
every step followed by someone
never seen anyone anywhere
never seen any fucking youth

how can we believe that this is not a fucking game
never hidden in a place that you would appreciate
you are always negotiate
tell me more what you do,

tell me more what you do,
cause i see you standing behind the cops like a sheep scared of a wolf

police society this is what you see
police society this is what it really is

but i will never support something like this
never in my life